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A-1 Construction's finished products are built to last. Our construction techniques are far superior to the completions. Just check our reviews on Angie's list and/or Yelp. Then give us a try and you will agree A-1 Construction is the best at what it does. So what do we do?

 We build or repair decks, fences, stairs, wood retaining walls, pergolas, arbors, replace siding and trim, install windows, doors, repair dry rot, and draw basic deck plans for your building permit needs.

 A-1 Construction stands for craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. We use only top quality, hand selected lumber and build to the industries highest standers. Because of that simple common sense philosophy.

 A-1 Construction maintains an A+ Better Business bureau rating, and A rating on Angie's List. We also have a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating over a 25 year period. Now that's fantastic customer satisfaction!

Customer rating survey of 100 past customers performed by the independent American Rating Corp. To all of our past customers, Thank you.


So what makes projects by A-1 Construction  such a great value? Owner Michael Quinlan explains, A-1 Construction has the Lowest prices and the highest quality. We are committed to excellence and your satisfaction is guarantee.


"Green builder"

A-1 Construction only uses FSC certified lumber.


The Forest Stewardship council certifies lumber yards and lumber that is from well managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the worlds forests. The California redwood association is also a goof place to get the latest news on our redwood forest health.

 We back all of our work with a standard 2-year warranty. Which means you can enjoy the peace of mind that knowing your project was built to last brings.

 Our Mission

A-1 Construction's  mission is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction level possible. To use our innovative methods to build the highest quality product at the lowest possible price while exceeding performance expectations, and to insure that our finished products give years of trouble free service for you and your family.

Our promise to our customers

A-1 Construction is committed to putting its customers first. We strive to make every part of your and your neighbors experience as pleasant as possible.

A-1 Construction has been licensed by the Contractors state licensing board in the state of California since 3/21/1987, license #504375.

Tips for dealing with contractors.

The Contractors state license board has guides and pamphlets

Welcome to the State of California

Tip: Today's pressure treated fir has amine copper quat (ACQ) in it. The copper will react with steel over time and corroded it. If the framing in your project uses pressure treated fir then you must use either stainless steel, triple zinc or hot dipped galvanized hardware or risk the fasteners corroding and falling apart. I have seen steel hardware corroded by amine copper quat many times. This can be a very serious problem. If your hardware fails your structure could come down with you on it.

Tip: All contractors are required to post their license number on all advertisements. Including their truck, if they are advertising on it. All California state contractors license numbers have six digits. If any numbers are missing or there are extra numbers the contractor may not be what he says he is. A business license is not a license to contract. You need a contractors license issued by the California's contractor licensing board to contract in the state of California.

Tip: You can tell how long a contractor has been licensed by how low his or her number is. The lower the number the longer the contractor has been in business legally. If a contractor has a number that starts in the eights or nine hundred thousands then the contractor is a newly licensed contractor.

Tips on permits and fence laws.

Tip: A fence within the first 16' of a street or driveway. Can "legally" only be 4' high with the top 1' being 80 percent open.

Tip: A side or back fence can only be 6' high without a permit. If you want to go up to 8' high, all building departments will require you to get a permit. If both side and or back neighbors are on friendly terms and agree to the fence being above 6' in height. Then you probably will not have a problem if you don't get a permit. Most building departments will not red tag a fence at 7'-8' high unless someone complains about it, but it can happen.

Quotes of the day

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."

By Marcus Aurelius


"While we are working at your home we are your guests. We will do whatever we can not to infringe on you or your neighbors or inconvenience anyone."

By Michael Quinlan

(Not to be confused with Marcus Aurelius)


A-1 Construction can also draw your basic deck building plans for your permit needs.


Locations served in Northern California

A-1 Construction serves beautiful Marin County and parts of Sonoma County in Northern California.

City served: Belvedere, Corte Madera, Cotati, Fairfax, Forest Knolls, Greenbrae, Ignacio, Kentfield, Lagunitas, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Nicasio, Novato, Penngrove, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Ross, San Anselmo, San Geronimo, San Quentin, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sausalito, Sebastopol, Terra Linda, Tiburon, Woodacre, Rohnert park, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.


Contact Information

Telephone: (415) 516-8252

Location:  San Rafael, Ca. 94903

Fax: Sending pdf. files by e-mail has made having a fax line obsolete and to expensive to maintain.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 151454 San Rafael, Ca. 94945-1454

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