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Water damage is a constant problem in southern Marin county.

 Water damage restoration from start to finish.  In this Belvedere, Ca. home a major 6"x12"x20' beam, wall and roof were badly rotted. After removing the damaged materials the beam was the first thing we had to replace because the rest of the structure is supported by the beam.

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After opening up the wall the rot was found to extend into the wall studs and wall plates. The roof plywood and shingles were also rotted. The roof was so bad it just crumbled in our hands.

during.jpg (114684 bytes)           during1.jpg (121707 bytes)             beam1.jpg (122024 bytes) 

After all the rot was removed and new beams and walls were constructed we went about making sure that the doors, windows ,walls and roof were water tight.

                                                                    roof1.jpg (120390 bytes)                                           outside1.jpg (124124 bytes)     


The windows, doors were sealed with 10" bitchathane, trimmed and caulked. The walls and roof were sealed with aluminum flashing and 30 year felt paper.

after.jpg (116888 bytes)           roof2.jpg (125372 bytes)            finished.jpg (121203 bytes)

Then we shingled the roof and the walls. We cut two rows of the shingles to make a diamond pattern. Which added a touch of class. Finished. Great job!


This project was started and completed by A-1 Construction. No sub contractors were used or needed.


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