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 At A-1 Construction we believe that every deck needs a pergola. When the thermometer hits 90 degrees and up a deck becomes the hottest place in the yard. If you want to enjoy your deck in the dog days of summer you need a pergola. When you add a pergola to your deck you turn your deck or yard into a out door living space that you can use on the hottest days of the summer. Steel roofing is also available for a good looking water proof roof.

 The pergola below is a real beauty. On the P.1 the concrete piers are left unfinished. On the P.2 the piers are finished with imitation stone.



 P.1                                                                                                  P.2                                    










                                    P.3                                                                                                                                                              P.4          










                                       P.5                                                                                                 P.6













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